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02 November 2008 @ 07:53 am
MAR - Lit Mag  
Please plan to have your pre-sale money turned in before Thanksgiving break.

After Spirit Week, we will begin a heavy-duty advertising campaign for the Scrivener--submissions-wise. We need to decorate the E, F, and A wing halls, and give a flyer to Anne Tran. We also need to spread submissions by word of mouth--talk to your writer-artist friends, and get them to spread the word as well! This is ABSOLUTELY NECESSARY. We also need to start putting announcements in the daily bulletins.

November is our first movie month. What are we watching? (We have to start the week of November 10-14, because the week before is Spirit Week, and the week after has random minimum days.)

I think we should post up the posters Monday, and then again on Wednesday (if they're torn down) [Tuesday is a day off], and watch on Wednesday, Thursday, Friday.