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14 February 2009 @ 12:15 am
Meeting 2/13  

Points of discussion:

-Literary Magazine Pre-Sales, price= ??? What price should we set? Is $10 too much?
-Possible sales: false credits in non-existent movie (don't ask. really.); button sales; T-shirt sales; no food sales allowed??? :O
-"Street performing". (dance, monkey, dance!)
-Money not a problem?

Currently, I estimate we need about $200 through pre-sales, and another $300 from other fundraising processes, unless we so happen to be able to raise $500 through pre-sales alone. Also, the issue of money is perhaps not an issue after all? Perhaps there are... bigger problems to discuss, like

-Spread the word. Like, through posters and stuff. People don't read, so we need large posters plastered all along the E-building. Emphasis on large, so they can't miss it.
-Turn in enough Announcement Forms, so our announcement is in every Daily Bulletin from now until publication. This may annoy ASB some, and besides, no one ever listens to announcements. So that's rather redundant.
-Talk to people. Tell them to tell other people. Have them tell other people. Have English teachers tell their classes? No. They'd just offer extra credit or something, and we'd be cluttered with low-quality work that people submit simply because they desire extra credit.
-Hound people until they submit something. This may take some work, but really. I'd personally force them to submit stuff if I have to. I know they are talented, and I want them to submit stuff. Sometimes, people are lazy and they "forget". So, I'll just "remind" them. (bwa-ha-ha)
-We need a crowd attracting method. Like, something at the Amphitheatre. Something that involves megaphones. We should run around campus with megaphones shouting "Hitler~~" and when people come up to ask what's going on, we can tell them about Lit Mag because we'd have their attention! Any takers? :D

So, moving on to posters, advertising, and stuff. We touched upon a website sort of thing? People do live on the Internet, so perhaps a web page? (There was also something about a rick-rolled web page too) Also, YouTube and Facebook are at our disposal.

We'll also need posters designed to catch people's attention. From the meeting, we have a rough draft sketched up. Any more ideas on eye-catching posters?

Other things
-I currently have an idea for the overall layout of the Spring Edition. People have commented that our last issue was a bit "dark", and they want the next one to be more... happy? (Like Cindy so pointed out, the topics of depression, suicide, and death tend to be a little... "dark". So too bad.) Well, we used school colors- black and orange. There's only so much one can do with black and orange. My idea is a more spring-feeling, with cherry blossoms. I think perhaps white, with pink. and light pastel colors. Some sky blue, yellow-orange. Perhaps green like the sprouting grass. Petals and flowers. And a "happy" feel. :D Yay!
-There was mention of the last edition's pages being too... thick? Magazines do have flimsy pages, I know. Books have pages, and our magazine has pages "as thick as the cover"? Is it possible to change that with the publishing company? Do we want to change that? (Magazine pages are flimsy because they're not "forever". People don't really save magazines. We want our Lit Mag to be something you save... right?

Please Discuss On:
Pre-sales pricing
Number of copies to be printed
Free copies for teachers/library
Deadline for submissions