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WHS Media Analysis Republic

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WHS Media Analysis Republic - In Reel Life
You've somehow managed to find the online extension of Washington High School's Media Analysis Republic. The information accessible here will likely be of little use if you are not currently enrolled at the aforementioned high school.

However, this club, as the name implies, analyzes all types of media--from movies to video games to literature. Though there are not very many members at the moment, the club officers hope to remedy that during the 2008-2009 school year.

Given the wide range of topics under the 'media' umbrella, our club activities tend towards the eclectic; most prominent during the 2007-2008 school year have been the watching television series, Firefly, and preparing for the publication of the WHS literary magazine.

Club announcements, reminders, discussions, etc. will be posted to this community. While participation in the online supplement is voluntary, it is strongly encouraged. There is only so much that can be discussed over one lunch period! All members can post anything they deem relevant to the club activities--this ranges from continuations of in-school discussions, suggestions for future activities, questions, a study thread for any upcoming English thread, et cetera. We trust all members to have the maturity not to spam.

ALL POSTS with sensitive information (i.e. locations, full names, contact info) MUST BE LOCKED TO THIS COMMUNITY.

President. pl3dgling
Vice President. kalliel
Secretary-Treasurer. ice_kestrel9
Public Relations. elisanwhatnot

Proof of club membership required in order to join community--anyone, however, can watch!